About Us

The Ninth Grade Academy hosts the newest William Blount Governors each year. Being in a separate building on the same property as the main campus allows the freshmen to experience many benefits including remediation, year-long classes, and Freshmen Focus classes. There is a significant decrease in behavior problems due to the structured environment. Core classes are year-long and meet for 55 minutes each day, while elective classes are one semester. The Academy is arranged into teams: the G team, O team, V, team, and S team. Each team consists of four core teachers (English, math, science, and social studies). Teachers on each team are assigned the same group of students to better meet the needs of each student by tracking progress throughout the year. Each ninth grader takes a Freshman Focus class designed to ground students in the rules and expectations of high school and provide character education. This time is also used for remedial opportunities for students as well as for extracurricular activities.  

Address:  1126 William Blount Dr., Maryville, TN 37801
Phone:      (865) 980-1192