Who to Call?

Who should I call for information regarding:

Attendance? Natalie Willis: 984-5500-  Email:  [email protected]

Transcripts? Kim Renshaw: 984-5500-  Email: [email protected]

Ninth Grade Academy Information? Kimberly Hipps, 980-1192-  Email: [email protected]

Special Education Inquiries? Tisha Welshan  984-5500-  Email: [email protected]

PowerSchool Parent Portal Access Main Building- Email: [email protected]

Ninth Grade Academy PowerSchool Access- Email:  [email protected]

Scheduling a parent/teacher conference? Contact the teacher

To schedule a parent meeting with a guidance counselor contact Kim Renshaw 984-5500- Email: [email protected]

To schedule a meeting with Mr. Clark contact Kim Duckett: 984-5500- Email: [email protected]